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Booking Information

IMPORTANT: If you would like to make a booking, please text the following

Hi Georgia,

I saw your advert on (insert advert webpage)

I would like a (insert how long you would like) massage

on (insert date)

between (insert time) & (insert time)

Thank you (insert your name)

I hope you like my handy little template but joking aside, answering these simple questions speeds up the entire process & saves both our time by enabling me to check my diary to see if I am available at the time you would like to meet. It also saves a lot of 'ping pong' back & forth texts by giving me all the information I need in one text.

I say text but to be honest, initial contact can be via what's app or text. So please remember prior to sending a booking request please send the following details: (Number 4 is especially important to remember if you don't live alone)                                                                                              

  1. How long you would like

  2. What dates/times you can meet

  3. Where did you see my initial advert

  4. If you are only contactable at certain times now is the time to say (if I am in a booking it could be a few hours before I get the chance to reply



Once we have agreed on a suitable time, I will ask you to complete a booking form. This not only blocks out my diary, but it also confirms you are aware of the services that will be on offer during your massage session and are therefore in full receipt of any boundaries I may have (failing to respect said boundaries will result in the session being terminated with no refund given) 

If you have any problems completing the booking form, please tell me ASAP so I can help you & not take it as a sign that you no longer want an appointment.

Appointment Day

On the morning of the appointment, I will ask you to text around 9 am to confirm that all is well you can still make it. I will also ask you to fill in a COVID Health Declaration Form which you can also find HERE 

I will then send you the address details with parking instructions & ask you to call me when you have arrived.


Important information


Please contact me ASAP with your ETA if you think you are going to be late or if the unforeseen happens & you need to cancel. I will try my best to accommodate any time changes but if you arrive 15 minutes later than your due start time, I reserve the right to cancel the booking or request you leave at the time the session was originally due to end.

Please arrive with the correct money as I do not hold any change here. If you need to leave the premises for any reason during the session (i.e. if you have 'forgotten' your wallet & need to go back to your car) you will not be permitted to return. The booking will be canceled & you will lose your deposit. So please make sure you have your wallet & the correct money with you!

Please respect my boundaries as failing to do this will result in the appointment being terminated with no refund given!


Please follow the link below if you wish to create a new e-mail account to protect your identity on this or any use on this or any other adult site: Create a new e-mail account

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to request a deposit for all bookings. These are nonrefundable in the event of cancelation or no-show.

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Erotic Bodywork Specialist
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