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Self-Contained Studios Available

 Fully Equipped Webcam & Massage Studios are available to let on a Daily or Hourly Basis.

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Let my experience work for you

As a result of being contacted on a regular basis by ladies who were wanting to either work with me, for me or who were just needing general advice, I came to the conclusion that this industry was missing something.

So I decided to use my ten years of experience in the adult industry to find that missing thing.


You could call it the missing link.


Knowing how diverse clients' tastes are I consider applications from all ages, sizes & race. 

You may think that the escort world is all about looks but believe me, there is a market for everyone. 

Whether you are a success will mainly be down to your attitude and if you have the ability to make people feel good about themselves.

If you are new to this business or an existing adult entertainer looking to expand their client list and, are aged 21 or over with a flexible personality then I would like to hear from you.


Unlike most traditional Escort Agencies we work for you not the other way around.

If accepted onto our books you will still remain in charge of your career.

In doing so you will be classed as self-employed and therefore responsible for your own tax & national insurance contributions.

You'll decide your own hours and will always have the final say on everything related to your work.

However, as we will take over your marketing, advertising, calendar & bookings, all you will need to do on the day is turn up and be yourself.


So if you would like to be a top-earning adult entertainer without all the mundane administration that goes with it, please complete the form below not forgetting to send 3 clear unedited photographs of yourself



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