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Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me.

My name is Georgia, and I am an Independent Erotic Masseuse

from Manchester.

"A voluptuous English lady with long dark hair & even darker eyes.

Curvy with a fantastic pair of gravity-defying natural breasts & a cracking arse. The perfect combination."


I must confess to being somewhat of a water baby. Hygiene is particularly important to me

especially with the type of erotic services I offer.

I start all my massage meetings with a naughty shower room session.

(Unless you are joining me for one of my more exclusive appointments, which can be anything from an extended dinner date to a full VIP Day, and as we have extra time...


A lot of gentlemen confuse Sensual Massage with Tantric Massage.

Personally, I feel 'Erotic Massage' is a closer description of what I offer.

I am trained in Lomi-Lomi Massage, Aromatherapy Massage & 

I'm also a fully qualified Sports Massage Therapist so to be more specific,

It's an Erotic Lomi-Lomi Full Body Sensual Massage with Aromatherapy oils by a

Sports Massage Therapist.

Quite the mouthful, luckily, I'm at my best with a mouthful ;0)

Regardless of the title,

please be assured that you will not receive the typical massage or escort session when 

you book with me.

It's more like an erotic fusion of the two.

Not there is anything wrong with the 'typical'

I think there's a time & place for every experience.

So, if that's what you & your body need then go for it, there are plenty of fabulous

Escorts & Massage Therapists to choose from...


but if you are ready for something a little different...

why don't you come to see me & experience




for yourself


 The Naked Masseuse







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