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Naked Massage Sessions

I am often asked which session I think is the best and apart from the obvious 'time' aspect, what is the actual difference between the individual massage sessions? Another popular question is - What the hell is prostate massage, and will it hurt?

Two Hour (Total VIP) Naked Massage Session = £250

This session is for my true VIPs who like to take their time & enjoy a very relaxed service. It includes a shared shower (No intimate touching of me - breast & bum only), full-body erotic massage, body-to-body massage with full-body slide, Happy ending including prostate massage, or
al & hand relief.

90 Minute (Deluxe) Naked Massage Session = £180 

This session includes an assisted shower, full-body erotic massage, body to body massage with full-body slide, Happy ending including prostate massage, oral & hand relief.

One Hour Naked Massage Session = £125 

This session includes an assisted shower, full-body sensual massage, body to body massage with full-body slide, Happy ending including prostate massage, oral & hand relief. Please note due to time constraints I may have to miss part of your full-body massage to ensure you receive the full-body slide.  Alternatively, you can choose to pass on the full-body slide. If that is the case, please let me know at the start of the session.

45 Minute (Express) Massage Session = £100

This session includes a full-body erotic massage with a hand relief happy ending. Please note you will still be required to shower 

Deposit Payments

A deposit is always requested to secure a booking. The easiest option is via bank transfer.
(Other methods are available, although surcharges may apply)
Deposits will not be refunded in the event of a 'No Show' or 'Confirming' as requested 

Special Additions

 Prostate Massage Special Offer = £20
Rimming = 

Prostate massage can be included in the 30/45-minute erotic massage sessions. 

Tie & Tease Special Offer = £10 

As a bonus you are blindfolded & tied to the massage table, so you are fully under the control of Mrs. Gray

If you would like something a little different, please get in touch. If it takes more than a quite simple 'can I' or 'can you' then you will need to book a phone chat or instant message session to discuss.  A 2 hour session will always need to be booked to cover the extra mental & physical preparation time that I will need.


I can't say which I think is the best as everyone's needs are different. The 90-minute session used to be the most popular of my massage sessions but recently the 2-hour session overtook it as the preferred choice.  



Here's a little synopsis of the different massage sessions I offer. If you have any questions that I have failed to answer on this site, please feel free to contact me.

All my massage sessions start with a shower. Occasionally I will offer shorter sample sessions of 30 minutes which include a full-body sensual massage with a hand relief (lingam massage) & oral relief mixed ending. Regardless of the massage session, a shower at my place is non-negotiable 

Every session includes a full body sensual massage, this can either be a light, medium, or deep massage, the choice is yours.  As I am a fully qualified massage therapist, I feel it's only right that you get the best of 'every' world when you visit me. I like to leave you totally fulfilled, mind, body & soul. Once your very own personalised aromatherapy blend is made, the massage session will always start with a 'proper' massage albeit both of us naked & with lots of cock swipes lol 

Whilst that is happening, I will be warming up a plain non-scented base oil ready for the next part of the massage session...... the body to body massage aka the full-body slide. I will not go into too much detail here as I do not want to ruin the surprise but let's say this is where things start to get a little hotter and I am not just talking about the oil ;0)

Prostate massage is available in all sessions of 1 hour and above. (Edit: if you want to add a prostate massage to a 30 minute massage session a £10 surcharge is payable) Although I do advise that if you are new to prostate massage or are particularly nervous it may be best to save it for a longer session as this can impact your ability to orgasm. I have dedicated a full page to prostate massage and what to expect here - THE ART OF MILKING THE PROSTATE 

The VIP massage sessions include all the above and you may request one of the following: Facial, Hand massage & treatments, Foot massage & treatments, Full body exfoliation, Hopi ear candles, or Indian Head massage but you may have to forego another part of the session due to time constraints again you will need to ask in advance so I can prepare. (Extra treatments are limited when on tour)

My advice as an aromatherapist is not to shower for at least 9 hours after the massage session but obviously some people cannot return home smelling of my wonderful oils so feel free to take a shower afterward (please let me know in advance). Those of you who decide to pass on the shower can instead ask to receive a ritual rub down with my heated towels. I know which one I would prefer ;-)


Keep me in your thoughts


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